Do you ever feel like you are just running around, always out of time, always in a rush, always anxious to catch up to everyone else? It’s a sad reality, but I know that I do, and as I look around I notice that a lot of other people look as if they feel the same way. […]

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  This post was created by my great friend Tanner Sandvick, edited by yours truly, and inspired by the one true Relationship. Enjoy my friend’s powerful wisdom. — Our eyes gravitate towards the intriguing, it’s not something that we are taught as we grow but rather, our own personal definition of intriguing changes, grows and adapts […]



“Love is more than a word, it’s a noun, it’s a verb.” – Lecrae Although this scares me to write about because I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the topic of love, I do know that the love of the One who created me is real. In our society today it seems that the […]

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