Remember the Call (pt. 2)

In the midst of our roller coaster type of lives it’s easy to get “caught up” in the busyness that so easily ensares us all. I know for me personally I get so distracted by being distracted that I distract myself from reality…if that makes any sense. In the season of busyness and especially in a […]

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This post was written by a good friend of mine (who wanted to remain anonymous) a few months ago who is starting her own exciting adventure today. One filled with a lot of uncertainty and question about the future, but as we’ve both discussed many times, we have dreams that need to be chased down […]

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“I’m living for more than just a funeral.” Time is such an odd idea. Like the fact that there is this idea of something called “a minute” and then 60 of those add up to a thing called “an hour” and then 24 of those equal “a day” is just WILD!  Who says that these […]

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Money is a funny thing isn’t it? Some people say it is the root of all evil, others say it can’t buy you happiness, and others say it can solve some of the biggest problems in life but it can’t solve them all. But I wonder, how many of us truly believe that? We say […]

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