Band-Aid Effect

To introduce this post I want to tell a story. The story is of a man who went to battle and won many, many victories. He was a fearless warrior who seemed invincible because of his ability to leave battle without any injury. But one day, he was pierced by an arrow that had split […]

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Scandalous Times

Our sexuality is at an all time crossfire. With the world giving us this “do what you feel” mentality it’s no wonder we are seeing so many sexual harassment and assault cases arising. We say, “Do what makes you happy” or “Do what you feel” but then when someone does what they feel and it […]

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Just a short post on this day of Thanksgiving and joy. I never want to lose sight of the many things I have to be thankful for. Some of the things that I’m thankful for: I’m thankful for Jesus. My Jesus. The Only One who chose with everything He had to die in my place […]

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“Love is more than a word, it’s a noun, it’s a verb.” – Lecrae Although this scares me to write about because I don’t have a lot of knowledge on the topic of love, I do know that the love of the One who created me is real. In our society today it seems that the […]

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Money is a funny thing isn’t it? Some people say it is the root of all evil, others say it can’t buy you happiness, and others say it can solve some of the biggest problems in life but it can’t solve them all. But I wonder, how many of us truly believe that? We say […]

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