Someday is Today

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Since I was a little kid I’ve had an attraction to people.

Not like a science-fiction connection, that would be weird. Although I wouldn’t mind being a character in Harry Potter.

It’s an empathetic connection. Yet, until I was twenty years old I didn’t realize that’s what it was. I honestly thought everyone could “feel” for people the way I did. Now I know it to be a gift from Holy Spirit.

Life is kind of funny that way, isn’t it? We don’t realize the things that actually make us different from people are good gifts from God, and the things we claim to make us different are just lies we’ve believed.

I’m writing this post to encourage you and also to inform you of a major change happening in my life:

I’m going to Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry!

At the beginning of August I will be moving to Redding, California where I will start school in September.

This is something I’ve been dreaming about for three years, and now it’s becoming a reality. I fell in love with Bethel Church, and later their ministry school, when I was just twenty years old and was walking through a season of deep fear, as documented in one of my first blog posts. A pastor of mine showed me their song, “No Longer Slaves” and it completely shifted something in my soul that day. It was the catalyst for a change I’ve been walking in ever since.

It’s the change from the orphanage to the palace. It’s the journey from fear to faith. It’s the realization that I have a good Father, who loves me and is not ashamed or disappointed in me.

This is something that, through many trials and wrong teachings, I’ve come to believe:

The gospel is that Dad wants His kids back—because we’ve always been His children—and He’ll do anything to get us in His arms. It’s not a three step approach or a make-you-feel-terrible-about-yourself formula. It’s our Father’s love that changes hearts.

This is what the Good News, as presented in the life of Jesus, is. We are children of the Creator of the world, and He has created us to have relationship with Him. Somewhere along the way, we’ve all gotten lost on the journey of life, and yet, our Father is still singing over us every single day, calling us Home to Him.

Going through college the idea of bible school was always a “someday” thought for me. “Someday” I’ll go there, I imagined.

I’m sure you have some of those.

“Someday I’ll start that business.”

“Someday I’ll change my habits and get away from my addictions.”

“Someday I’ll be content with life.”

I’ve come to realize that these “someday” thoughts are what we like to hide behind when we’re scared of what the future might hold. If we dared to risk it, would we succeed? That’s a scary thought. But it’s not a place we can surely live, or survive, or become who we are called to be. It’s not healthy. It’s actually death. It’s a slow, but sure, rotting from the inside.

When I heard “No Longer Slaves” that day, it turned my heart from fear to love.

To love is to risk. To love is to trust. To love is to choose, over and over again, to come back to this place of deep reliance on Someone greater than me. It’s been a slow process, but I’m realizing how little control I have over my life, and that means I must trust God to be in charge of my life, rather than myself, if I want to truly live.

“Someday” is today for me. I can’t go back to what I once lived in. That’s Egypt, and a place of spiritual slavery, and I’m in the Promised Land that my Father has given me. It’s time to step forward, out of fear and into freedom.

So I discovered Bethel and their culture, and then I found the person of Steffany Gretzinger. And she changed my world. Her worship and the way she met Jesus in those times opened my eyes to a new level of faith. I saw living love and passion and joy flowing freely.

So I’m going to Bethel, and I can’t wait. I tell people all the time, Steffany Gretzinger is the whole reason I ever thought about BSSM, and I can’t wait to take a dive into the kingdom culture they have there.

I know God is leading me right into Grace, and I am unafraid, and unashamed of anything.

If you want to support me in this journey and contribute toward my tuition you can follow this link: BSSM Student Tuition and type in “Seth Moerkerke” for the student name if it doesn’t come up automatically. Thank you for partnering with me in this dream.

This is really only the beginning, which is crazy. But I’m so excited for the next chapter.

I was watching the NFL Draft a few months ago, and something hit me: these guys’ dreams are coming true in one moment right in front of our eyes. As I watched different players celebrate and cry and cheer with their families, I was overwhelmed with the truth–going to Bethel is my NFL Draft (although I have had separate dreams of going to the NFL, but that’s not the point), and my dreams are now here in reality.

So I leave you with this closing thought that I would really love for you to ponder: What if your “someday” is today and your dreams are here for the taking?

With all my love,

Seth Robert Moerkerke

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